Avoid Harmful Chemical Run-Off With Green Car Washing

Most homeowners are probably aware of how typical household cleaners emit harmful toxins into the air for all occupants to breathe in. It’s also quite well-known how these airborne particles can have negative effects on one’s health, including asthma, allergies and other upper respiratory conditions. Many times, health conditions can become more serious, including serious skin conditions as well as some cancers. For this reason, consumers and cleaning product manufacturers alike are rapidly hopping on the “green living” train and are adopting a lifestyle that is more conscious of the health of both human life and the environment.

What may be a little less well-known is the effect of cleaning products on the waterways of the sewers caused by run-off from car wash cleaning products. It’s not just water running down the side of the street into the sewer system that’s of concern. In addition to water is a host of harmful agents, including exhaust fumes, gasoline, motor oils, lubricants, tar, hydrocarbons in addition to whatever chemicals are mixed within the car wash cleaning product. When these suds enter the water stream, they can easily reach marine life, coating them with a film of greasy substances that causes them harm.

Lessen the Environmental Impact With Green Car Wash Products

In order to have a minimal negative effect on the water ways and the environment as a whole, it’s important
to use green, biodegradable car soap, such as Simple Green Car Soap. This product is the latest addition to the company’s line of environmentally-safe cleaning solutions, making it the perfect product for the automotive professional or enthusiast. Simple Green Car Wash is manufactured with the finest natural ingredients to remove tough dirt, grime and grease, leaving your car surface shiny. This company uses the latest technological advances to come up with formulas that are gentle enough to clean delicate surfaces, yet powerful enough to get rid of the toughest stains.
Another great eco-friendly car wash soap product on the market is SAFEarth Car Wash & Wax. This long-lasting, high-sudsing soap is the perfect way to clean exterior automobile surfaces, and rinses easily. All you are left with is a glossy, shiny surface without any harmful chemical run-offs. This product meets every ‘green’ quality, including being bio-degradable, VOC compliant, non-toxic, phosphate-free, body shop safe, ozone-safe and acid-free. Feel confident knowing that you are getting the best clean without the hazardous side-effects.

For a completely waterless car wash, give Freedom Waterless Car Wash products a try. These water-based, readily biodegradable cleaning products are a much eco-friendlier option from traditional soap and water, let alone the mess it creates. This product saves you in water, time, effort, and money. What you’ll be left with is an amazing shine that lasts for weeks.

Use Less Water

In addition to utilizing the finest green cleaning products to clean your car’s exterior surface, one of the biggest factors to avoid is the amount of water used. It’s estimated that the average home car way uses about 500 gallons of water, which is immense amount of water not only to be wasted, but also provides a lot more opportunity to have contaminants run down into the sewer system. As touched upon above with the waterless car cleaning product from Freedom, using as little water as possible has many advantages. To save on the water (and your pocket book), get yourself an adjustable hose nozzle that shuts off when not in use. Having your hose constantly running even when you don’t need it is incredibly wasteful.

You might want to even consider going to a commercial car wash. Most car-washes are obligated to comply with strict water contamination rules, which means that their water runoff is filtered before entering the public water system. Contrast this with the water runoff from your driveway which heads straight for the streams and lakes without being cleaned first.

Interior Detailing

Not only can the exterior wash of the car be harmful for the environment, so can the products used to clean and polish a vehicle’s interior. That “new car” smell that often comes after a good cleaning job comes from toxic properties. All you are basically inhaling is synthetic chemicals that do nothing more than cause harm. You really don’t need to use harsh chemical products to achieve that new car smell and shine. Instead, opt for a damp cloth to get rid of dust and debris.

Every car owner wants to do the best cleaning job when washing their vehicle. You can still achieve the same effects – if not better – by switching to green car wash products instead.

Keeping Your Exterior Clean and Green

If you’ve ever paid attention to the types of products in the cleaning section of your local supermarket or hardware store, it’s impossible not to notice the vast increase in green cleaning products being made available to consumers. Clearly, cleaning product manufacturers are paying attention both to what their consumers want, as well as the health of the environment. But what you may not realize is that these eco-friendly cleaning solutions are not just limited to a home’s interior – there are plenty of green products available to tackle even tough exterior cleaning jobs.

It’s becoming more and more well-known that the effects of chemical cleaning products used indoors can have a harmful effect on the indoor air quality that the occupants of the home breathe in. It’s often said that indoor air quality is often worse that outdoors. But there is mounting evidence suggesting that outdoor chemical products can also have a negative effect on human and environmental health. In much the same way as you would be hesitant to dump chemicals down the sink, you also would’t want to pour such chemicals down into the sewer system and make its way back into your water supply. Much of these chemicals don’t even break down, which can have dire consequences on marine life.

Cleaning Your Home’s Exterior

Many times a simple use of pressure washing will do the trick to remove dirt and other grime from your homes exterior. But often there are surfaces that are much too sensitive to this type of pressure, warranting the use of a gentler method, including the use of eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

Cleaning Your Windows

Aside from getting rid of dirt, grease, grime and other debris, your windows are really what allow uninhibited light from outside. In order to keep this scenery as clean and clear as possible, often the exterior of the windows will need a good shining job. Just simple water and even soap will clean the window’s surface, but the streaks it leaves behind will certainly put a damper on the aesthetics of the window panes.

After you have thoroughly cleaned your windows, make them streak free and worthy of a good view from indoors with a specialized green cleaning product specifically formulated for windows. One such product on the market is CitraClear Natural Window and Glass Cleaner. This product is made from all-natural ingredients, using the natural power of real citrus extracts for a perfect, streak-free clean. Use this product on windows, glass, countertops, chrome and appliances. This cleaning solution uses no synthetic perfumes or dyes, so you don’t have to worry about inhaling any harmful contaminants after the cleaning is done.

Cleaning and Protecting Your Patio and Deck

A lot of a family’s outdoor enjoyment comes from hanging out on the deck. But with so much activity going on here, it’s easy for the deck to become gritty and dirty. You can cut through this debris without having to resort to harsh cleaning methods and solutions. Many times, there tends to be a lot of plant life surrounding your deck and patio. If you use a harmful chemical-filled cleaning product to clean and protect your deck’s surface, you may inadvertently harm or even kill the plant life as a consequence. Instead of risking this occurrence, there are green solutions available that can help you both clean your deck while protecting plant life and the earth’s environment at the same time.

Wood decks are expensive, and should be well-maintained in order to extend its lifespan. With enough care and protection, not only will your deck last longer, but it will keep its renewed look for years and years. The build-up of mild, mildew, rotting and splinters is quite common on decks that are subject to harsh weather and wear and tear. These can be reduced with adequate care and protection.

A great product to help clean and protect your wood deck is Prox Deck and Patio Cleaner. This eco-friendly product is highly effective at removing all debris from the deck’s surface, while keeping all surrounding plant life healthy. The main ingredient in this product is sodium percarbonate, which is a solid form of hydrogen peroxide that has been bonded with natural soda ash. The key to this product is its activation by water, after which it releases oxygen to clean and remove stains. Unlike chlorine bleach, Prox Deck and Patio Cleaner breaks down organic stains to completely rid them from the deck’s surface.

Avoid Drenching Your Driveway in Chemicals

Another area of concern is the driveway. Imagine all the products used to clean things like your car, lawn mower, bikes, and other things where a large outdoor surface like a driveway is required. If you use harmful chemical products, the runoff after rinsing can make its way into the sewer and waterways, and therefore cause harm to both marine life and the environment, let alone the fact that these chemicals can make their way back into our water system.

Instead, use safe green products like Bio-Green Car Wash, which is a concentrated soap formula that is free of phosphates or VOCs, and totally biodegradable. It safely gets rid of tough dirt, grease and tar from all vehicle finishes, without unleashing harmful chemicals to be washed into the sewer.

Keeping your home “green” during the cleaning process doesn’t have to be reserved for the interior. With all the eco-friendly cleaning products available on the market for cleaning your exterior, it’s becoming much more feasible to keep your entire home environmentally friendly – both on the inside and out.

Your Business Needs Green Carpet Cleaning

Many places of business generally tend to have industrial carpeting lining their space from wall to wall. This type of carpeting is highly affordable, and provides an aesthetically pleasing flooring for the area. But how attractive this carpeting is is largely dependent on how much wear and tear it endures, and the type of care it receives on a regular basis. Considering the high volume of traffic that commercial offices generally get, it’s essential that the carpeting is well-cared for and cleaned on a regular basis.

However, the type of cleaning that is performed on these carpets is just as important, if not more so, than the cleaning itself. Studies have shown the negative health effects that emissions from carpeting have on the air quality within a building. With continues traffic from outdoor shoes on a regular basis, the fibers of the carpeting start to build up a high level of dirt and debris, which is continually released into the air for occupants to breathe in. Yet even the cleaning solutions themselves can be a factor in the air quality of the
space. These compounds are released both after the cleaning process is complete, as well as days and even weeks after the cleaning, with the release of such compounds form deep within the carpet’s fibers.

In an effort to both improve the indoor air quality (IAQ), as well as the integrity of the environment, there has been a huge movement towards using green cleaning solutions and methods. Such solutions and equipment are safe, yet effective enough to still be able to get even the toughest stains out of carpeting. Such products are ideal for those who are particularly sensitive to cleaning agents, or who may have asthma, allergies or other upper respiratory issues.

These days, there is an increasing demand for facility managers of commercial buildings to not only maintain the cleanliness of a business, but also to meet the objectives of keeping the building and its surrounding environment as eco-friendly as possible. This means that only green cleaning solutions should be used at any time. The janitorial service employed by the facility manager of a business must meet these eco-friendly standards.

Safe Green Cleaning Solutions

The best eco-friendly cleaning solutions are those that are organic-based. These products are biodegradable, non-toxic and don’t produce moisture. With the dry cleaning encapsulation, no water is used, nor are any hazardous liquid-based chemicals or heavy metals. A variety of pollutants, mold and bacteria are extracted effectively with these products, leaving behind absolutely no odors or fragrances.

One such Green cleaning product on the market is Daimer’s Eco-Green Carpet Care and Upholstery Cleaner. As a leading supplier of green solutions, Daimer’s products are all-natural, fast-acting, environmentally friendly, and highly effective in getting carpets and upholstery clean and stain-free. These products meet OSHA standards, making them a great option for keeping your carpets clean and chemical-free.

Not only are the carpets cleaned effectively, but they are done without leaving behind harmful IAQs to be inhaled by occupants. A low amount of moisture conserves water, inhibiting contaminated water from the carpet cleaning process from making its way into the earth’s waterways. Green cleaning methods are also free from ozone depleting chemicals, releasing little to no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds).

Improve Your Business’ Image and Success

Business owners are wise to make the switch to using a janitorial service that utilize only top-notch green cleaning solutions. Failure to do so can cause negative consequences for the business owner. Consider the following facts regarding carpets that are neither cleaned properly nor are cleaned using chemical-laden products:

• 50% of all illnesses are either caused or made worse by poor IAQ;
• Up to 64 million office workers could be at risk of suffering from “Sick Building Syndrome”;
• Almost 5% of all hospital-acquired infections are caused by airborne diseases;
• About 20% of schools in the U.S. have issues linked to IAQ;
• IAQ causes an additional six sick days per year for workers.

At the risk of having employees calling in sick, it just makes sense to keep a work environment as healthy as possible in order to keep productivity levels at their optimum. In addition, no business owner wants to be responsible for the illness of their employees, which can often have legal ramifications in such situations.

Being able to boast that your business is “green” and “eco-friendly” shows your employees and customers that you care about their health and well-being, and the health of the environment. This is absolutely good for business, as people like to work for – and do business with – those that they can trust. With a “green” building, you can set that impression quite easily.

Business owners not only have an obligation to keep their work environment as safe and healthy as possible, but they will also find that keeping the environment “green” is also good for business.

Make the Switch to Eco-Friendly Paint Products

Paint is obviously available in a variety of colours to match anyone’s desired theme and taste. However, not every paint is created equal. Further, not all paints are considered ‘green’, nor are they necessarily considered safe for the environment nor for anyone spending any length of time inhaling these fumes. Simply pop the lid off of a lid of paint and you’ll quickly get an idea of the toxic fumes that would engulf a space should the walls be lined with this potent paint.

After applying even just one coat of paint, the amount of toxins and chemicals released into the air to be breathed in by all those within the space, in addition to the environment, is simply dangerous and potentially lethal. In stark contrast, non-toxic and ‘green’ paint products release little or no hazardous materials into the air.

A Word About VOCs

VOCs – short for Volatile Organic Compounds – are not the type of ‘organic’ product that we want
lingering in our residences and places of business. These toxins are carbon based compounds that are released into the atmosphere in the form of gas. All sorts of chemicals are contained within these harmful VOCs, and are highly abundant in household paint products. Paint may not necessarily be the only generator of VOCs, but it certainly contributes to the overall production of VOCs. It’s a proven fact that many times VOCs are in higher ratios indoors than outdoors, which has a lot to do with the chemical-laden paints we use to decorate our walls.

Although the greatest concentration of released VOCs is at the time of paint application, most of these paints release these toxins long after the paint has been applied and dried, creating a possible hazardous environment for all who spend any length of time within those fours walls.

Eco-Friendly Paints

Eco-friendly paints, on the other hand, release little to no VOCs, making them a much safer and heather alternative to covering your walls in your color of choice. These types of paint products have been specifically formulated to eliminate most of the toxic chemicals that are found in conventional paint products, like ethylene, formaldehyde, glycol and other heavy metals. As such, they don’t emit the dangerous chemicals that typical paints tend to do, which drastically cuts down on the harmful inhalants that those within the space are exposed to on a daily basis.

Some of the health and safety benefits of using eco-friendly paints include:

  • Minimal odor during application
  • No off-gassing after application and drying of paint
  • Safe for those sensitive to chemicals
  • Low emissions into environment from VOCs
  • No hazardous wastes

Other Benefits of Green Paints

As if helping the environment and keeping safety number one for occupants within the space isn’t enough, there is another added benefit of going ‘green’ when it comes to your paint job: cost efficiency. Aside from the health benefits of eliminating toxin-laden paints from your home or office, using eco-friendly paint products can also save you money. What homeowner or entrepreneur isn’t interested in saving a few bucks!

There are a few different reasons why going green in the paint department can cut costs. For homeowners and business owners alike, green paints require less coats. If you’ve ever been to the hardware or paint store, you’ve probably noticed that quite a few cans of paint are often required to cover a room. Add those numbers up, and they can be quite costly. With eco-friendly paints, less coats equals less cans of paint, which inevitably equals more money in your pocket. The larger the space you need taken care of, the more savings you’ll realize in the long run.

For business owners, the cost savings goes even further. Considering the health effects that inhaling chemicals emitted off of paints can produce, the number of sick days that employees will need to use can be drastically reduced. Often you’ll hear about employees suffering from “building syndrome”, where the hours spent each day within an unhealthy office environment can cause all sorts of flu-like symptoms, such as nausea, headaches, and just a general feeling of malaise. With a healthier work environment, employees will generally feel much better about coming into work, and will most likely not be negatively affected by these VOC emissions. Less sick days from employees translates into less revenue lost on the part of the business owner.

Eco-Friendly Paint Brands on the Market

With the increasing demand of eco-friendly paints comes the influx of a variety of paints meeting the environmental standards of low or no VOCs. Some of the green paint products on the market for you to take advantage include:

Green Paint Eco-Friendly Paints Products : This Oregon-based paint manufacturer focuses on environmental finishes. They have achieved a Green Seal-certification for their line of both interior and exterior latex paint.

Cloverdale Paint: This new generation of paint has been specifically designed to drastically reduce polluting vapors and odors that tend to be released into the air from regular paint products, which are harmful to the user or occupants of the spaces being painted.

Earthborn Paint: These paints are kinder by design, to the environment and to your health. These products use advanced formulations that compromise neither your health nor the environment.

If you are a business owner trying to set a good impression on your patrons as well as your community, show them you care by using only green paints and other products in your establishment.

Why Your Cleaning Service Should Be Using Green Cleaning Products

With the latest wave of ‘green’ and ‘eco-friendly’ products and practices taking over just about every realm of our lives, it should come as no surprise that this environmentally conscious attitude has spilled over onto the world of cleaning products. The news that chemically-laden cleaning products can be hazardous to both the health of humans and the environment is not new, but the adoption of more natural products is becoming much more popular, and continues to gain in momentum.

There are plenty of reasons why your janitorial service should be switching over to environmentally clean products. The benefits are plentiful, making it something worthwhile to seriously consider. After continuous studies suggest the harmful effects that synthetic cleaning solutions have on the earth as well as those who are in the immediate vicinity of the areas that have been cleaned with these products, it not only makes sense to switch, but it seems that we are somewhat obligated to use natural, organic products.

For this reason, a growing number of facilities across the country are adopting this practice, and are embracing the “green” movement when it comes to cleaning their residences and places of business. In order to meet these demands, professional cleaning services are offering eco-friendly cleaning to their clients.

Benefits of Environmentally Cleaning Solutions and Cleaning Methods

Promote a Healthier Environment

One of the biggest and most important reasons for “going green” when it comes to cleaning residences and office buildings is simply the fact that it promotes a much healthier environment to be surrounded in. With regular exposure to the fumes released by chemical-laden cleaning solutions used to clean a variety of surfaces, a host of medical issues can arise – some of which are very serious and even lethal. Health conditions that can arise from regularly breathing in the by-products of the chemical solutions include allergies, asthma, headaches, nausea, gastrointestinal issues, cancer and damage to internal organs. Clearly the switch to organic products just makes sense if only for the reason to prevent these serious conditions.

Increased Productivity of Employees

No business owner enjoys having their employees calling in sick on a regular basis. Such behavior isn’t good for business. By creating a healthy work environment, your employees will have a better chance of having a shorter number of sick days. After all, healthy employees means happy employees, which simply translates into greater productivity. No one wants to be working in a space that not only has a negative aura and odor, but one that poses the risk of making them sick too. Not only that, but employees appreciate the fact that their employers care enough about the well-being of their employees that they are taking the steps necessary to create a safe and healthy work environment, including having only green cleaning solutions used to keep the place clean and sanitized.

Keep the Earth Healthy

Of course, the health of the earth is also at the forefront of the green movement. Caring for our environment is essential for a multitude of reasons, including providing a healthy planet for our future children and grandchildren. We truly do have a moral and ethical responsibility to care for the earth in which we live. Considering the heavy amounts of pollution to the water, air and soil from chemicals used, spilled and discarded irresponsibly, there’s no better time then now to help take part in the movement to create a much healthier planet.

Reduce Costs

Believe it or not, but switching to green cleaning solutions can actually help to cut costs, which is an endeavor that all business owners strive to achieve in order to maximize profits. Cleaning services that use eco-friendly cleaning solutions and practices can have a positive impact on a company’s budget. This translates into a reduction in costs related to sick leave, loss in productivity, and even litigation. It also helps to cut costs associated with building management, tenants and even the cleaning company itself.

There are plenty of government incentives for keeping your place of business as green as possible, with certain marketing benefits available. In addition, an eco-friendly building can actually realize an increase in property value through a LEED certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).
With the increased use and demand for environmentally cleaning products, such items have become more and more competitively priced. For this reason, prices are much lower, and help to keep a business’ expenses at bay.

Going Green is Good For Business

Companies that can proudly advertise that their premises are ‘green’ and ‘eco-friendly’ is a positive message to send out. People appreciate the efforts that people and businesses use to care for both their employees and the environment around them, which in turn creates a positive image of your business. Having a positive image is certainly good for business, as patrons develop a trust for your company, and eventually become paying customers.

Latest in Green Cleaning Solutions

Some of the latest and best quality green cleaning solutions on the market today include:

Bon Ami Liquid Cleanser – This cleanser is free of phosphates and chlorine, and even the packaging is made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic. This cleaner is perfect for all sorts of surfaces, making it the go-to product for all-purpose cleaning.

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Glass Cleaner – To get your glass and mirrors clean and streak-free without the nasty doors of typical synthetic cleaners, this product skips the ammonia and instead uses plant-based cleaning agents from sustainable coconut-palm-oil farms. It’s also void of phosphates, chlorine, and petroleum distillates.

Method Floor & Surface Cleaner – Your floors can get just as clean and print-free from this natural product as with any chemical product on the market. The packaging and product are biodegradable and free of phosphates, chlorine, and petroleum distillates.

There clearly are plenty of reasons why you should consider ‘going green’. From the health benefits to the reduction in costs, it just makes sense to make the switch.

Cleaning and Maintaining Trucks for Decades

As all vehicle owners know, making sure that a truck is viable for a long time just makes good financial sense, but ensuring that a truck is going to last a long time when it comes from Grande Truck and is part of an important business fleet is even more important. There are a variety of methods that a company might be able to use to make trucks last longer, and often it requires visiting junkyards to see about replacement parts if a certain element of a truck gets broken at a premature or unexpected date.

Countertop Options Today

For a long time the fashionable homes that have been built have included granite countertops, but that style of countertop has definitely taken a fall off the level of popularity that it once saw and this has meant that anyone looking at a different sort of countertop that was just as stylish and long lasting would want to look into something like a wood countertop as this option is definitely something that could enhance the overall style of the home and make the kitchen or area where the countertops were installed look updated and fresh.